2018 UCET Award Winners included one of our very own - Tim Smith

This article is from the UCET Newsletter for April 2018 - Volume 4 - Issue 4

OUTSTANDING LEADER: Tim Smith, Cache County School District
Nominated by Cory Stokes, UETN

Tim SmithIn the words of Cache District's Superintendent, Steve Norton, "Tim Smith is an
outstanding member of our leadership team here in the Cache County School District.
I have never, in my educational career, seen anyone make a greater impact on a
district than Tim has made on this district."

One of the tasks Tim took on when he was first hired as the technology leader for
Cache District was to work closely with UETN to provide a district technology
evaluation for his own district?s technology department. Based on its success, the
evaluation soon became a service that many of the other districts have asked UETN to
provide. Because of Tim?s leadership in this area, many districts see technology
department evaluations as an absolute necessity and they have become a normal practice.

Over the last couple of years, the Cache District has been very effective in supporting and running CyberCorps, a
program that provides training to high school students who in turn provide technology training and support in their
school. Not only has Tim provided leadership for this in his own district, but has been instrumental in developing
this into a statewide project. He played a major role in writing the grant that provided funding for CyberCorps in 22
schools throughout the state.
Tim?s work ethic is inspiring to all those that associate with him. He works long hours to ensure educational
technology is meaningful and relevant, not only to his district, but to the entire state. He is a true educational
technology leader.