Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL)

Some History: 

  • At a statewide educational technology conference for teachers back in November 2012, a group of educational technology directors met and discussed the idea that the technology directors in the state needed to develop a long term strategic professional development plan/program for the current and upcoming school, district, regional and state technology directors/leaders.   This discussion continued for the next year, meeting with the Utah Technology Coordinators Council (TCC) (this is the technology directors statewide committee) several times during the year and several in depth discussions on what was the right direction to take for this PD.   
  • After looking at the CoSN CETL framework and CETL program in general it was decided to push forward this program (it was exactly what the TCC was looking for to help move educational technology forward in the state). 
  • We developed a plan with specific CETL outcomes and the state board provided provided us $25,000 to get the program off the ground.  The first two years were 100% funded by this grant.
  • By fall of 2014, Utah had started their first cohort of 20+ technology leaders and by the fall of 2015 had close to 20 CETLs in the state.  We currently have 41 CETLs with several other leaders planning to take the exam soon.
  • To keep the cost down, CETLs volunteer to teach/facilitate the class each year.   CETLs in Utah are willing to take their turn to facilitate this each year. 


CoSN CETL Training Cohort:

  • Current 2018 State CETL Cohort finishes in Oct 2018 (14 students in the class) 
  • The 2019 State CETL Cohort will start Jan./Feb.  2019 (only a few seats are currently available, total cost is $558 per person, LEAs are invoiced $250 per student as CoSN Chapter covers $308). 
  • Facilitators for 2019 CETL are Tony Campbell (lead), Paul Lewis, Jason Eyre, Sarah Young, Jim Stewart, Kevin Chapman, Whitney Phillips, Greg Cox and David Sallay. 


For more information contact:
Cory Stokes, CoSN Chapter CETL  Coordinator - cory@uen.org


Current number of CETLs = 41
Organizations with at least one CETL = 20
School Districts with at least one CETL = 14

List of CETLs in Utah

1 James Black Washington District
2 Aaron Brewer San Juan District
3 Barry Bryson UETN
4 Antonio Campbell Washington District
5 Charice Carroll UETN
6 Kevin Chapman Millard District
7 Camille Cole Canyons District
8 Jared Covili UETN
9 Greg Cox USBE
10 Jeremy Cox Washington
11 Darren Draper Canyons District
12 Kelly Dumont Canyons District
13 Guy Durrant Daggett District
14 Jason Eyre Murray District
15 Rick Gaisford USBE
16 Alan Gibbons Cache District
17 Dean Glanville Canyons District
18 Robert Gordon Canyons District
19 Mark Houtz NUES
20 Dan Johnson Grand District
21 Dani Kauerz Sloan UETN
22 Jim Langston Tooele District
23 Chris Larsen Granite District
24 J. Derek Larson Washington District
25 Paul Lewis Alpine District
26 David Long Logan City District
27 Scot McCombs Canyons District
28 Duke Mossman CUES
29 Whitney Phillips USBE
30 Robert Potts SESC
31 Sam Quantz Salt Lake District
32 Shannon Ririe UETN
33 Charles Roberts Washington District
34 Tim Smith Cache District
35 Mark Sowa Jordan District
36 Cody Spendlove Alpine District
37 James Stewart UETN
38 Cory Stokes UETN
39 Jason Strate CUES
40 Kathleen Webb USBE
41 Sarah Young USBE