CETL Cohort Information

2018 Cohort Schedule: 

The each class with be held on Thursdays from 4-6 pm (via WebEX).

April 26th              4-6 pm

May 10th               4-6 pm

May 24th               4-6 pm

June 7th                4-6 pm

June 21st              4-6 pm

July 12th               4-6 pm

August 2nd           4-6 pm

August 23rd          4-6 pm

Sept. 6th               4-6 pm

Sept. 24th             4-6 pm

Exam needs be taken before December 31st


This year's facilitators/Instructors are:  Kelly Dumont-Team Lead, Jim Langston, Paul Lewis, Tony Campbell and Sarah Young.


For information regarding next year's (2019) cohort or anything regarding the state's CETL program, please contact Cory Stokes - cory@uen.org