Standards For Online Learning

Will Online Classes/Schools Continue After the Pandemic?
Can Students Enroll in an Online Course/School Outside Their District?  Statewide Online Education Program (CCA) State of Utah Course Credit Acknowledgement Form.  
Options?  Agreements? Consortiums?

  • Presenter Skills

  • Technical Skills

  • Presentation Strategies

  • Equipment


Predictable framework for classroom delivery

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Classroom/Learning: What's the Difference?

Portrait of an online and blended learner - what should this look like?

Online best practices, procedures, policies

Students bouncing back and forth from home to school, online and blending learning

Connectivity issues.

Soft School Closures

Skill Sets:

Do We Have the right technology?  Do teachers have powerful enough devices to teach online with.

Is professional development enough on the tools we do have?


2011 - National Standards for Online Learning, iNACOL ver. 2

Solution Tree - Remote Teaching and Learning Resources

Distance Learning Playbook K-12