Winter Tech Retreat Recordings

USBE - My Ice Cave Has Been Breached     Slides Every Iceberg Encounter Needs Good Help Let's Use Student Interns Pine Cove Consulting with SOPHOS Managed 24/7 Threat Hunting and Remediation Esports Technical Requirements, The Stuff Icebergs are Made Of
UETN Equitable Access Around and Through Icebergs Using PTLE & 5G Monitoring Your (Iceberg) network with Zabbix (1st Hour) Monitoring Your (Iceberg) network with Zabbix (2nd Hour) Learn Platform Presentation
Gaggle: The State of Student Safety: Lesson for Leaders Linewize - A New Approach to Filtering - Your Complete Cyber Safety Ecosystem UETN and UDOT: Icebergs Can Create Separation, Let's See Where UETN is Bridging These Digital Divides
MYVRSPOT: Online Video Creation, Safe YouTube Sharing, and Live Broadcasting - and That's Just the Tip of the Iceberg UETN: We Count Icebergs - DT&L Statewide Inventory Defrosting PCBL: Reflecting On How To Build A Better Rebel Base On Hoth
UETN: Filtering Committee Report T-Mobile Presentation News Flash! We Can Now Stream Sporting Events, Even From and Iceberg UETN: E-Rate and ECF Update
UETN VIDEO Ops: Your life boat through the frigid waters of Video Communication Technologies The Icy Wifi 6e Bobsled Ride, Bring on 6Ghz Gencomm: the Ark or the Titanic? The Ark did it's job, just saying  


Cody Spendlove "The Future Of Education"

David Long "Changing Practice - The Titanic"

Slides    Cody's Notes

John Arthur "Megaphonic Bliss! Finding Purpose, Satisfaction, and Hope in Our Students' Voices"

Michael Hakkerinen "Utah's Portrait of a Graduate"

AudraYocom, MattJohnson, BrysonGrygla

"E-Sports, Let's Break the Ice and Get You Up and Running"